Virginia Tech Landscape Architecture program hosted CELA 2018 Conference

Council of Educators of Landscape Architecture (CELA) 2018 Conference hosted by Virginia Tech Landscape Architecture program in March.

As each year’s theme is different and chosen by the host institute, our conference theme was “Transforming the Discussion”. We felt that this theme represented our own mission as VT Landscape Architecture program and CELA. As the chair of the Virginia Tech landscape architecture program, Terry Clements said: “In the same way that Virginia Tech is really re-evaluating how we’re doing undergraduate and graduate education, we also need to be doing that as it relates to the way that we engage with the landscape and the way that academics in landscape architecture teaches and the research that they do. Are we just doing the same thing all the time or are we really testing boundaries?”

“A lot of people think that the work that landscape architects do is the same work done by architects, so we have a bit of an identity crisis,” Clements said. “Bringing world-renowned academics and faculty and students to present the type of research and scholarship that they’re doing on landscape performance and landscape ecology, from the scale of parks to the scale of cities and neighborhoods, exposes a wider range of people to the possibilities of landscape architecture.”

Within the conference, education sessions, keynote speakers which were open to the public, poster sessions, receptions, and workshops held in 4-day program. Despite the harsh weather conditions in Virginia, several member institutions from different states and countries participated in the conference. The last CELA conference we hosted was in 1982 at VT.

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