Master of Landscape Architecture: MLA

Advanced MLA (1-2 years)
3 year first professional MLA (WAAC)


The Landscape Architecture Program at Virginia Tech is committed to discovering, developing, and disseminating knowledge related to the discipline and profession of landscape architecture. Our educational approach stresses discovery-based learning and research, wherein students assume a significant level of responsibility for directing and pursuing their own education and the development of their plan of study. Students and faculty work together to achieve the highest standards of disciplinary and professional preparedness and to develop the capacity for lifelong learning and professional leadership.

The Landscape Architecture Program offers three tracks toward a Master in Landscape Architecture and a Ph.D. Program to meet the diverse needs of prospective students:


Our first-professional graduate degree program is fully accredited by the Landscape Architecture Accreditation Board and enables students to become professional landscape architects. Course work in the program provides both a foundation of professional entry-level skills and a level of professional mastery necessary to sustain a successful career, respond effectively to the rapid changes within the profession, and provide leadership to the profession's next generation of practitioners.

The advanced MLA and Ph.D. programs are designed for individuals who already hold a professional design degree in landscape architecture, architecture or a closely related field and wish to pursue advanced studies in a particular aspect or research area of the discipline. Students in the Advanced Master's Program build on their professional skills and develop a research and scholarly agenda within an area of focused scholarship. They may be required to take additional coursework in order to complete the requirements of a professional degree in landscape architecture. PhD students focused in landscape architecture work with faculty in their area of interest. Candidates may also assist faculty to develop their knowledge and skills in design education and pedagogy.

Dual Degree Programs

MLA students at the Washington-Alexandria Architecture Center (WAAC) may pursue a simultaneous master degree in either Urban and Regional Planning (MLA/MURP) or Natural Resources (MLA/MNR). The dual degree programs coordinate course requirements in both fields, assuring the integrity of each while also saving time and cost to the student. Dual degree students must be admitted to both programs following the admissions procedures in each. Students may apply for admission to both programs before enrolling in either, or they may apply after first being admitted to and enrolling in one program. In the latter case, application to the second program should be made before half the coursework in the first has been completed.

The MLA/MURP Dual Degree Program recognizes the fundamental linkage between planning and design of the natural environment as impacted by humans.  This program shares electives and/or the substitution of significantly relevant courses from each field.  Individualized plans of study for students seeking simultaneous degrees are based upon student backgrounds and needs. A capstone product is required of each program. The capstone product may bridge the fields of each degree.

MLA/MNR Dual Degree Program coordinates course requirements in both fields, taking full advantage of the on-line MNR offerings to students located in the NCR. The MNR prepares students for careers in environmental sustainability as natural resource, environmental, and sustainability professionals.


Off Campus Studies: 

MLA students may take elect to participate in the Virginia Tech Landscape Architecture Program's Summer Education Abroad Program or in university exchange programs offering landscape architecture coursework. Off-campus coursework will be reflected in the student's individual Program of Study and must receive prior approval from their major professor and the program chair.

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Application Procedures and Admission Requirements

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