Brian Katen, ASLA



122C Burruss Hall
College of Architecture and Urban Studies
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, VA 24061


Landscape as Archive and the
Landscape Architect as Public Dramaturg

Virginia’s African American
Landscapes During the Eras of
Segregation and Jim Crow

Richmond’s Confederate Monuments
and the Landscape of Memory

The Virginia Speedways Project

ARCH 1015/1016 - Design Foundation
Laboratory (with Robert Dunay)

LAR 2004/4004 - History and Theory
of Landscape Architecture (Theory Module)

LAR 5964 - Landscape Architecture
Field Studies (Study Abroad)

LAR 5005 - Graduate Design Lab

LAR 1264 - Seeing, Understanding,
Representing Landscapes

LAR 4254/5254 - Landscape Architecture

LAR 5774 - Advanced Graduate Design Lab

Professor Katen’s research explores the complex relationship between contemporary design, the archival dimensions of landscape and the persistence and materiality of memory in everyday, vernacular, and ephemeral landscapes. His current research, focused upon Virginia’s segregation-era African American landscapes and their archival record, is exploring and understanding the emerging role of landscape architects as public dramaturgs, who study, document, and act upon profound understandings of the natural and cultural performance histories of sites - those hidden dimensions of landscape that give resonance to community identity and conceptions of place and inform culturally and ecologically appropriate, place-specific design interventions. Central to this research are inquiries into the roles of deep mapping and traditional and newly emerging representational strategies.

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Historic American Landscapes Survey for Yellow Sulphur Springs, Christiansburg, VA, with C.L. Bohannon, ASLA. Documentation of African American ownership of this Virginia spring and the marketing of “America’s Greatest Colored Resort.”

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