Typical Program of Study for 3-year MLA

Foundation Studies (typical sequence)

  • First Term (14 credit hours)Foundation Studio I
    Landscape Architecture Seminar - The Civic Landscape
    Materials Workshop
    Professional Practice
  • Second Term (14 credit hours)Foundation Studio II
    Landscape Architecture Technology I
    Natural + Human Systems
    Landscape Architecture Seminar - History

MLA Studies (typical sequence)

  • Third Term (15 credit hours)Graduate Design Studio I
    Landscape Architecture Technology II
    Plants Elective
  • Fourth Term (15 credit hours)Graduate Design Studio II
    Landscape Architecture Seminar - Scholarship
    Landscape Architecture Technology III
  • Fifth Term (11 credit hours)Advanced Landscape Architecture Design Studio
    Thesis Research and Preparation
  • Sixth Term (11 credit hours)Thesis Studio

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