Advanced Masters of Landscape Architecture

The 2-Year post-professional MLA is an advanced program tailored for students who already hold a first professional-degree in landscape architecture, architecture or another closely related field. Offered primarily on the Blacksburg campus, the 2-year MLA program is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge and our understanding of landscape architecture within three areas of faculty expertise:  Community and Place, Ecological Design, and Design Learning. Applicants are asked to identify their specific area of research interest upon application.

Each student in the two-year, advanced MLA program works in consultation with a major professor to craft an individualized graduate plan of study within a specific area of focused research. The plan of study includes both general landscape architecture courses and coursework pertaining to an area of research focus. The graduate plan of study typically includes at least 50 credit hours. Ten of these hours are devoted to a capstone thesis that addresses a specific issue or question within the student's selected area of focused research.

Students from a related field must also complete additional coursework necessary to fulfill any remaining requirements for a professional MLA degree. A transcript, coursework and portfolio review will be conducted to identify necessary coursework.

A studio-based two-year post-professional degree is available at the National Capital Region (NCR) campus for students who already hold a first-professional degree in landscape architecture or architecture.


The 1 Year Plus Thesis MLA, offered at Blacksburg Campus, is an accelerated scholastic degree designed for students who have both a professional degree in landscape architecture or a closely related field and considerable practical experience. The program is designed to allow seasoned practitioners an opportunity to earn an advanced degree by completing focused studies in an individually tailored program.

Off Campus Studies: MLA students may take elect to participate in the Virginia Tech Landscape Architecture Program's Summer Education Abroad Program or in university exchange programs offering landscape architecture coursework. Off-campus coursework will be reflected in the student's individual Program of Study and must receive prior approval from their major professor.

Application Procedures and Admission Requirements

Typical Program of Study


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