Mintai Kim, Ph.D.,



121 Burruss Hall
College of Architecture and
Urban Studies
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, VA 24061


Geodesign for resilience

Environmental disturbance

Ecological design

Nightscape design research

Feng Shui and ecology

LAR 3044/5044 - Land analysis

LAR 1254 - Environment and
natural systems

LAR 4084 - Land design and

LAR 5774 - Advanced Graduate
Design Lab


Dr. Mintai Kim is an Associate Professor and LEED AP. He taught at the University of California at Berkeley and at the University of Arizona before he joined Virginia Tech in 2007.

His research focuses on environmental disturbances resulting from urbanization. He has published peer-reviewed papers and presented research at national and international conferences on urbanization's effects on stream quality, avian species distribution, nighttime light pollution and Geodesign. His current research focus examines disturbances of the urban nightscape, especially as related to light pollution. He developed an innovative way to examine light pollution using helicopters and ground-level light measurements. He also developed ways to reduce light pollution by careful selection of materials. He is currently using eye-tracking devices to understand fear of nightscapes.

In addition, he studies resilience of places and the urban ecosystem regeneration in leftover urban spaces. His study examines an ecosystem's ability to recover when leftover spaces are not touched or actively managed. He is a GeoDesign expert with over 25 years of GIS experience. His research activities were supported by the US EPA, National Park Service, NASA, and others.

Ph.D, 2001. Environmental Planning, University of California at Berkeley.

MLA, 1994. Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning, University of California at Berkeley.

BS, 1988. Landscape Architecture, University of Seoul.

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Refereed Conference Proceedings

Im, S., Kwon, Y., Jeong, Y., Hue, Y., Byeon, J., Choi, H., & Kim, M. (2015). Mapping the Sense of Place in Insa-dong, Korea. 16th International Conference on Information Technology in Landscape Architecture Proceedings.

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