Wendy Jacobson



122B Burruss Hall 0190
800 Drillfield Dr
Blacksburg VA 24061


Community design

Urban public space

Urban morphological studies

Urban design policy

Revitalization of post-industrial towns

LAR 2254 - Social and Cultural

LAR 3264 - People Community

LAR 3016 - Site Program Community

LAR 4094 - Senior Project


Wendy Jacobson holds an MLA from the University of Guelph and a BA (Hon) from Dalhousie University. She teaches urban and community design studios, as well as courses focusing on social and cultural factors in landscape architecture. Prior to joining the faculty at Virginia Tech, she was in public and private practice in Canada, Australia, and Malaysia. She is interested in the interactions of people with the urban landscape and in particular, with the role of public space as a vehicle for fostering, expressing, and mediating the public lives of individuals and communities. Her scholarly, teaching and outreach activities address a range of urban design and community design topics.

MLA. University of Guelph.

BA. Dalhousie University.

Jacobson, Wendy R. “Building Community: Street, Block and Lot Morphological Considerations”. CELA Paper No. 14-239. Baltimore, MD: CELA 2014.

Jacobson, Wendy R. and Kimberly L. Rennick. “Place and Process: The Continuum of Place Attachment in an Inner City Neighborhood”. Landscape Legacy, Maastricht: CELA 2010.

Jacobson, Wendy R. “Rethinking A Post-Industrial Future: The Role of Landscape in Revitalizing Southwest Virginia Manufacturing Towns” in Proceedings of the Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture Conference: Negotiating Landscapes. Pennsylvania State University, August 2007.

Jacobson, Wendy. "Regulating Urban Form in Toronto: A Conceptual Framework", in ACSA SW. Regional Meeting Proceedings: Urban Policies (Part I). October 1997, pp. 69-75.

Unpublished/ In Progress

Jacobson, Wendy R. “Patterns of Place in Toronto’s City Center”, in Paul Gleye, ed. The Centre Is the City: International Issues in the Identity of Place. Unpublished manuscript.