Washington-Alexandria Architecture Center (WAAC)

The Washington-Alexandria Architecture Center (see www.waac.vt.edu for more information) allows students to address the complexities of urban areas, using the National Capital Region (NCR) as a resource laboratory for design and research. The Washington, DC metropolitan area possesses many cultural and educational resources, including the various facilities of the Smithsonian Institution, the American Institute of Architects, the Library of Congress, and the National Building Museum. The Center, established in 1980 as an urban extension of the College, provides numerous opportunities in which students can pursue their selected programs of study.


The Washington-Alexandria Architecture Center’s academic buildings are located within the historic district of Old Town, Alexandria, Virginia, providing studios, a library, shops, darkrooms, computer labs, and classrooms. The Center also maintains a 23 unit apartment building. All facilities are located within a four block radius and form an urban campus of historic structures.


Contact Information

For more information contact Program Director Laurel McSherry at lm@vt.edu. For more answers to frequently asked admissions questions, please see the Graduate School Applications Web Page. See also VT National Capitol Region and  Washington + Alexandria Architecture Center