Aniran Asgarifard
BA, Architecture, University of Soore
Aniran Asgarifard brings a background in interior architecture to her studies of the landscape. A native of Tehran, Aniran was encouraged to study design by her father, an engineer, and her brother, an architect. An avid reader of fantasy and science fiction, her interest in urban landscape architecture emerges from desires to extend the interior spaces of buildings outdoors.

Robert Allen Brooks
BS, Recreation, Adventure Travel & Ecotourism, Paul Smith’s College
A builder by trade, Ohio native Robert Brooks views landscape architecture as a bridge between place, craft and community. A graduate of Paul Smith’s College, Robert brings a cultivated career in ecotourism management, outdoor leadership and wilderness survival to his studies at Virginia Tech. As staff with the National Leadership Alaska Program in Fairbanks, Robert led camping and mountaineering trips, including some through 'bat country.' Later, as expedition coordinator for Utah’s Ascend Humanitarian Alliance, Robert prepared groups for humanitarian projects abroad.

Anna Buczkowska

MS, Landscape Architecture, Poznan University of Life Sciences, Poland
Anna Buczkowska brings an extensive background in horticulture, agriculture, and design to her studies at Virginia Tech. Born and raised in west-central Poland, Anna received both undergraduate and graduate degrees in landscape architecture from Poznan University of Life Sciences, where her thesis focused on the restoration of a historic 'folwark' or manor house/estate in Mlodzikowo. As a summer intern at Pennoxstone Court (Herefordshire, England), Anna developed an appreciation of English garden design. Anna is exploring her interest in both ornamental and productive landscapes through the design of an urban park for Washington DC.

David Dehmlow

BA, University of Minnesota

Navid Fallahkheir
BA, Architecture, University of Soore
At a young age, Navid Fallahkheir fascinated himself with computers. As a high school student in Tehran, Navid studied computer-aided design and developed a variety of web sites, including an official J.R. Tolkien fan page. In college, Navid directed his interests in drawing, technology, and 3D modeling in a bachelor’s of architecture degree. Yet it was a course entitled ‘Making Landscape’ which turned his attention to landscape architecture. As a graduate student, Navid will focus his studies on sustainability and the design of public space.

Alex Gonski
BS, Business Administration, Biology; City / Regional Planning (Minor), UNC-Chapel Hill

North Carolina native Alex Gonski brings experience and education in business, horticulture, and urban and regional planning to his study of landscape architecture. As a dual major in the college of Architecture and Urban Studies’ urban and regional planning program, Alex sees landscape architectural practices and smart urban design as a way to accomplish larger planning objectives. He applied his skills in GIS analysis for Research Triangle Park in Raleigh, NC and more recently analyzed the feasibility of bike share programs in Alexandria for the city’s Transportation and Environmental Services Department. Alex also studied plant nursery operations at his family’s nursery in North Carolina and Monrovia Nursery in Dayton, OH. He is currently treasurer of the student chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architecture at Virginia Tech.

Jason Granado
BS, Architecture, Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University

Florida native Jason Granado’s brings his experience in construction and metal and wood fabrication to his study of landscape architecture. As the graduate teaching assistant for Virginia Tech’s fabrication shop, Jason explores the limits of building materials and experiments with new construction techniques daily. Using this knowledge, he assists other students in bringing their product designs to life. As an intern for Green Springs Park in Fairfax County, he started experimenting with a new medium – plants. In his evolution from architect to landscape architect, Jason is learning to read the land and work with it instead of imposing on it.

Lama Hasan

BA, Public & Urban Affairs, Landscape Architecture (Minor), Virginia Tech

Raised in several developing countries in the Middle East, Lama has witnessed economic booms and nation-wide development, shaping her concern for both natural and built environments. While interning at the Alexandria Redevelopment and Housing Authority and using design and planning collaboratively, she was given the opportunity to design community spaces for lower-income residents and senior citizens. This opportunity ignited an interest in the preservation of place, and her subsequent pursuit of landscape architectural studies.

Elyana Javaheri
BA, Urban Affairs & Planning, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
A native of Tehran, Elyana Javaheri brings interests in urban design and historic preservation to her studies in landscape architecture. As an undergraduate student in urban planning at Virginia Tech, Elyana conducted research throughout Spain and Portugal, examining the impacts of contemporary architecture on historic urban fabric. A former urban planning intern with AECOM and the City of Los Angeles, her recent work focused on the design of an ‘airport city’ with Tehran’s Rah Shahr International Group.

Bahar Mojtahedi
MLA, University of Tehran, Bachelor of Architecture, Tabriz

Bahar Mojtahedi brings an architect’s understanding of social spaces to her study of the urban and civic landscape in American. In her native of country of Iran Bahar lived in completely built-out cities that are thousands of years old and is using this experience to study the making of new vegetated spaces in the dense urban environment. Her passion for architecture and landscape architecture emerged in high school when she would visit her mother’s architecture firm after school.
Andrew Tull
BA, Business Administration & Spanish (Minor), Oral Roberts University

Andrew Tull’s interest in landscape processes is rooted in a childhood spent on Virginia’s Eastern Shore, living proximate to industrial agriculture in the Midwest, summers engaged in large-scale concrete construction, and most recently an internship with the Navy’s Facilities Engineering Command. A graduate of Oral Roberts University with a degree in Business Administration, Andrew traveled widely as a volunteer in Brazil, Russia, Romania and Indonesia. Andrew’s thesis explores the use of native aquatics –– living shorelines –– to combat erosion.
Basem Saah
BS, Graphic Communication, University of Maryland – College Park

For Basem Saah, a former international marketing specialist with the National Geographic Society, landscape is as much a cultural as a physical concept. Born in Jerusalem of Catholic and Palestinian heritage, Basem relocated to the United States as a young boy, settling in Silver Spring and attending the University of Maryland, College Park. A gardener at heart, Basem launched his MLA studies after completing a certificate in landscape design from George Washington University. His thesis work examines the social and physical nuances of neighborhood boundaries in Washington DC.
Josh Yetter
BA, Engineering & Public Policy, University of Pittsburgh